Birthday Cakes

Located in Brisbane: whether you require a child’s novelty cake or a funky adult indulgent delicacy – you’ve come to the right place! You’re only limited by your imagination with the ‘cake girlTM’! I have made cakes for every age, 1st Birthday cakes, Sweet 16’s, Legal 18th Birthday cakes, 21st Birthday cakes and even mileage cakes for the lovin’ 40’s, fun 50’s, sexy 60’ss, stunning 70’s, racing 80th’s and unique 90th’s Birthday cakes! Colour, design and embellishments made to order.


It’s your loved ones’ birthday – I can make a cake for your wife, husband, son or daughter…even nieces and nephews and god child! Don’t limit yourself to a cheap, chain store cake. Anyone can have one of those – but you’re special! Stylish 1st birthday cakes with hand-crafted animal figurines or favourite childhood toys that clients have been known to say “they look too good to cut!” You only want the best for your child and I do too! Let them have their cake and eat it too.


Sixteenth birthdays are to be treasured memories of fun, taste bud tingling sensations. I can create an edible topper reflecting your child’s personality that you can keep forever. For 18th birthday cakes, order an outgoing contemporary cake – both for guys and gals. Mad Hatter cakes or cakes to reflect the event – be it timid or raunchy.

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